The TopperEZLift system lets you turn your truck bed topper into a pop-up camper with ease. Now you can camp in comfort wherever your truck can take you. Plus you can customize your setup to accommodate all of your gear and accessory needs. With the TopperEZLift you can kayak those backwaters, bike the wild trails, and be set up to camp in seconds. Hitting the road for adventure is easier than ever with TopperEZLift.

The TopperEZLlft was originally designed to aid in hauling large items like 4-wheelers and lawnmowers. But the guys at TopperEZLift saw an opportunity to make any standard truck topper into a pop-up camper with their system. And it worked out brilliantly!

The TopperEZLift uses your vehicle's 12-volt battery to power linear actuators that can lift a total of 900 lbs. They do this to a height of 17.5 inches. And when they come back down to your truck bed they create a firm seal.

The camper package add-on lets you turn your truck bed topper into a comfortable pop-up camper in mere seconds. This gives you extra headroom and allows you to customize your bed to fit your needs. Add solar panels and deep marine batteries to power TVs, fans, and mini-fridges. Haul all of your fishing or hunting gear. Bring along your spouse and your four-legged best friend. Leave nothing behind but your cares.

Available in two styles; the Weekender and the Contractor ensure that whatever length of standard truck bed and topper you have the TopperEZLift will work for you. With the Weekender an extension fits onto your truck bed's tailgate giving you extra room for a dog bed, hiking boots, or other necessities. While the Contractor model stops at the end of your bed. Whichever option you choose, we know you will be happy.

Full zip-out side windows with screens and a big rear window let you enjoy your favorite views. Constructed of the same high-quality fabric used to make boat covers means that they are built to withstand the elements as well as the test of time. Even the actuators are all-weather. Don't wait any longer to get the most out of your truck and your free time. Drive until the pavement ends, go even further, and let the adventures begin. The TopperEZLift will give you the freedom you have been looking for without breaking the bank. CLICK HERE to buy yours today.

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